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video 4 of 4 – country selection and being authentic


Let us now together, put all these trainings in action and discuss your specific goals and how I can help you with your next steps on a call


SO HERE’S THE THING: “If you want to go FAST go alone if you want to go FAR go together” African proverb

I add, let us go far AND go fast together!

WHY? Because I see your struggles, your overwhelm, your pains and your frustrations and I know I have solutions that would reduce them AND omit them. I can provide you with answers, the solutions and the strategy that you seek for your business.

HAVE YOU ever considered the possibility that you CAN set up a profitable fashion company that is sourced and produced in Africa? What if I told you that you absolutely can and I have even done it myself!

I recognise that YOU, the creative African fashion entrepreneur, wants to have an African story in your sourcing and production and equally want to make impact on the continent.

I guarantee that each idea is completely possible, you just need the know, the how and the what to start. And that is where I’ve got you.

I provide you with a deep foundation where we will work together as a community for a common goal and this means you no longer have to go it alone. When I work with you, I treat your business as if it were my own, and I work to exceed your expectations.

For every business to grow it needs resources. For your African fashion business I AM your greatest resource. I help you start and build your business. I provide advice from my 20 year industry experience and I’ll go the extra mile to see your business grow!

Let me tell you more how you can do it and where in Africa you can make it happen

The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create It.

Zig Ziglar

So now it is over to you.

I know got amazing ideas and a passion to build a business in Africa BUT You just don’t understand the fashion business landscape in general AND need support on sourcing & production in Africa.

I understand that you are seeking a result where you are producing in Africa but equally are impacting lives on the continent whilst living a life of FREEDOM doing the thing you love.


I’m Jacqueline Shaw, Your Africa Fashion Business Coach. I’ve got you and can CERTAINLY rid you of your pain and frustrations!

I Won’t just BE ANOTHER COACH PROMISING TO help you start your business, BUT I ACTUALLY WILL help.

With my 20 year industry experience and experience setting up my own label made in Africa I have the expertise and resources and WILL work with you and exceed your expectations.

SO Let’s talk!

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During each program you will work through our unique new blueprint strategy our A.F.R.I.C.A. Roadmap which covers the following

A for Alignment

a. Delves into your WHY
b. The ethics behind producing a fashion line
c. Your brand message
d. Understanding the African markets
e. Design offer, concept and product direction must align

F for Finance

  • How to do your costings for production – using our simplified template
  • Understanding the industry cost sheets
  • all costs to consider
  • How to price your product for sales

R for Relationships

a. The types of relationships you need
b. Partner selection – choosing your supplier
c. Paperwork needed – MOU / terms of service – templates
d. Visiting your supplier

I for Ideal Customer

a. Target market
b. Demographics
c. What and how are you selling to them?
d. Marketing and sales channels
e. Shop research

C for Country Selection

a. How to select your country for production?
b. Who to speak to on the ground
c. Which country has best offering for fabrics?
d. Visiting and researching the country
e. Red tape, logistics, export

A for Authenticity

a. African trend forecasting
b. Africa within your branding
c. Africa within your promotion and marketing

N for Next Steps

You too can be working with me today on achieving your own goals. SIGN UP FOR A DISCOVERY CALL to decide which best suits your goals. Or grab the bulls by the horns, take action, SELECT THE BUTTON BELOW book a call with me and let’s get you signed up today.


NEED MORE PERSUASION? THEN DO CHECK OUT THE ALUMNI LOVE: Check out testimonials below of those who have watched the training already and see what they had to say about it!

“The FAB workshops really helped me learn more about production, sourcing, logistics, and the positive progression of fashion on the continent but specifically for my interest in Kenya. I made a number of very useful connections and contacts, and went from being a struggling lost designer in the UK, to working at a factory in Kenya for a few months, experiencing all they could offer, applying my knowledge to assist them, and also what that could mean for producing my own designs in Kenya. From this opportunity in 2017 I went on to consult for another small, artisan factory in Kenya in the spring of 2018 and now I am currently working there as Assistant Production Coordinator and Technical Adviser, to assist in the growth and development of the factory and its employees. The FAB workshop was key in connecting all of these steps in my career and I am so pleased to have taken part.”
Tassia Butlin
Founder: Tassia-B Ethical Fashion.

 “I first became aware of Jacqueline Shaw and Africa Fashion Guide in 2012. I was preparing for a trip to South Africa and was doing research and came across Africa Fashion Guide. I was really impressed with the content and started following Jacqueline Shaw. When the course was established, I wanted to participate. I knew it would be of great value. I was not disappointed when I participated in several of the Fashion Africa Business Workshops in 2016. I highly recommend her offerings. I have gained so much valuable information, knowledge about Africa resources and access to a network of people who have created sustainable Africa resourced products.”
Yvette Jenkins
Founder: Love Travels Imports, USA

 “I enjoyed the replays from this month and encourage the other newcomers to go back on the timeline of this group and look for some great inspiration from the videos. Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge Jacqueline.
Lene Nortoft
Founder: The Text Style

 “The FAB course is a great introductory to anyone looking to get involved in sourcing consumer goods on the African continent. The guest speakers provided formidable insight into specific sectors and unveiled cultural nuances from West to Eastern Africa business practices.  At the time of taking the FAB course, I was beginning feasibility studies in Ghana and trying to understand this point in the garment supply chain. Since then, I’ve created WOVEN- Fashion and Retail consultancy based in Ghana. One of the services we provide is sourcing and the course taught me what to expect when stepping into that industry. Most speakers were willing to share contact info for offline conversations and  shared ground realities.
I’d recommend this course to anyone that is aspiring or ready to take a deep -dive into sourcing from the African continent.”
Viola Labi
Director: Woven, Canada

 “I would describe the 2016 edition of F.A.B. as Excellent.It was very informative, learnt a lot. Has given me a good foundation as l look to getting into business.
2016 FAB online student

 “The 2016 edition of F.A.B. Workshops was Excellent! Good presentations and speakers, all well prepared and informative and open for questions after the courses. I’ll definitely recommend the workshops to my friends.
2016 FAB online student

So now over to you!

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