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video 3 of 4 – quick tips to building key relationships


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This training equips creative African fashion entrepreneurs just like you, who are seeking to work with fashion production businesses in Africa and ultimately dream of producing desirable product that creates impact there too and also has a compelling story. The comments and results that past students have achieved have been insane!

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ALUMNI LOVE: Check out testimonials below of those who have watched the training already and see what they had to say about it!


“ In this video series Jacqueline couldn’t have said it better! From experience, knowing which country to invest in and work with will save you time and money. On top of that Authenticity is everything! Because if you say you are passionate about brand Africa, let your contribution count.”
Mariatu Turay
Director: Gitas Portal. U.K

 “This video introduces two aspects of setting up a fashion business (purpose and finances) that are often overlooked especially when you do not have a background in fashion or business. Any entrepreneur who is really serious with his Africa fashion business project should take these courses. The highly relevant and enlightened content will help him to not make mistakes that can be fatal to his dream. Congratulations for this initiative! The entrepreneurial community that wants to do business in Africa is in dire need of it.”
Kibamba Nimon 
Director: Les Vigies de la Mode. Canada

 “Africa is the new hub for Manufacturing. With vast opportunities waiting to be discovered. One has to acquire the knowledge and guidance to be in the position to discover and gain from what it has to offer. This series is perfect to kick start you in the right direction”
Nikki Adjei Founder
Prosper Design Consultancy

 “From this video course I gained an understanding of the importance of building relationships and to sustain the vision of where I want my business to be. This video has shown me as a designer it is not just about leading the way with my products but leading the way with my partners in business. Certain partnerships need to be formed so I will know everyone that is part of the vision understands where they stand and how collectively we can achieve the business objective. The most important thing of all is to meet with the people I will work with in person and understanding their values and integrity in order for business success. As a designer in the UK, that wants to move my business idea to Nigeria, I am seeking more knowledge and training how to position my self in the next two years successfully. I am super excited for the coming course…… READY TO TAKE OVER!”
Rebecca Osewa
Director: Rebecca Osewa Textiles Design LTD. U.K.