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  • Instant access to 20+ video lessons
  • Key industry templates
  • Cheatsheets and fillable workbooks
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Here’s what you’ll get…

  • SPARK. PACKAGES TOGETHER WITH EASY LAID OUT MODULES VIA A UNIQUE ROADMAP BLUEPRINT SYSTEM. By utilising my unique A.F.R.I.C.A. Roadmap you will be directed and lead along a structured system that helps you to navigate the often complex sourcing landscape of Africa’s fashion and textile industry.
  • SPARK. GIVES YOU THE “HOW TO” CREATE A SUSTAINABLE FASHION BUSINESS MADE IN AFRICA. SPARK. brings together my 20 year industry experience into one easy to use online course that equips you with a tried and tested blueprint that you can rinse and repeat for your business fashion season after fashion season.
  • SPARK. PROVIDES YOU WITH UNIQUE ACTIONABLE TASKS PROJECTS AND ASSIGNMENTS You will receive over 6 modules broken down into bite sized video tech tutorials. The content is up to date an contemporary and is all-inclusive on what you need to practically set up a fashion business in a unique location such as Africa.
  • VIDEO TRAININGS, CHEATSHEETS, TOOLS AND TEMPLATES. When you sign up, you’ll get access to all the key industry templates, cheatsheets, fillable workbooks, video trainings, and tech tutorials at once. You can dive in and work through the course at your own pace
  • 21/90 RULE SUCCESS, 21/90 RULE SUCCESS. Have you heard of the 21/90 Rule? Theory says it takes 21 days to develop a habit then 90 days for it to become a lifestyle. SPARK. literally is the spark that creates a consistent habit and a new lifestyle for your business. It is NOT easy to start a business BUT results show that with commitment over a 90 day timeframe your life could be completely different. This is why I have designed SPARK. to be completed in just 90 days. The students who have followed this process do get radical results fast. SPARK. with the F.A.B. training will expedite your success.
  • PRIVATE FACEBOOK STUDENT COMMUNITY To support your business growth you will be invited to join the private facebook group where present and past F.A.B. students are part of the community and support, share and encourage one another.
  • PROFESSIONAL, EXPERIENCED TEACHER WITH INDUSTRY EXPERTISE. I AM INVESTED IN YOU. One thing I always say is that your success is my success. I am invested to you succeeding because my guiding drive is to encourage trade with Africa to change perceptions and to build up the fashion opportunities on the continent andbe part of the changing narrative in Africa. 
  • AMAZING STUDENT RESULTS! SPARK. IS TRIED AND TRUE. SPARK. via the F.A.B. training has seen students from all over the world go through the training. They are having successes from implementing the methods, the tools, the templates and the advice into their own businesses and are now producing 1000s of pieces of clothing in Africa, they are being stocked in multiple stores internationally and they are even moving to Africa and exporting back to their home countries. The content provided is the only one of it kind and most effective online course for the industry on the marketJust look see testimonials right below… 




This sessions is a private coaching session bonus that you will receive when you register for SPARK before May 31st to take within the first 3 months of your training. This 60minute session will be used to audit your business, get you up and going on your business and to keep you on track for success, to keep you accountable and to recommend your next step forward. (For those paying by payment plan this will be available after you have made at least 3 payments first)

Bonus 2: FREE SEAT AT THE UPCOMING ANNUAL Fashion Africa Conference: VALUE: £97 

When you register for SPARK you will be offered a FREE ticket to my annual conference event in London. Fashion Africa Conference acts as a means to discuss and promote the full supply chain of African Fashion Design, Textiles, and Manufacturing and thus communicate this to a larger, global audience through media. It was created to be a catalyst in the industry to help change perceptions of the fashion and textile industry in Africa. (Previous speakers have included H&M, Designer Laduma of Maxhosa, Fashion For Good, Ethical Fashion Forum, Simone Cipriani of the Ethical Fashion Initiative, Kukua of African Prints in Fashion, Actress Rosario Dawson and Abrima Erwiah of S189, and more!) 2019 event is supported by the UK Government Department of International Trade.


Fashion Africa launched in 2011 and again in 2014 is the first of my published books available in major book stores internationally. You will receive a signed copy of my book that was a pioneer in the book space on African fashion. This is a collectors item that any serious African fashion business owner simply MUST own. You will get this free of charge signed and sent directly to you ONLY when you register for SPARK before May 31st 

People absolutely love it…

“...we have been stocked in 4 countries and have customers all over the world....it continues to make strides in the fashion world and it all started with F.A.B.”

— Madonna Kendona, Raffia Atelier

“…Jacqueline Shaw is a true inspiration to fashion entrepreneurs in and outside of Africa…Jacqueline has established herself as a wise guide with encyclopedic knowledge when it comes to the fashion industry.”


“Doing the coaching with Jacqueline now and I've learnt so much in the last few months...been doubting myself but Jacqueline has always been there to encourage me to move forward and really grateful to her...can't wait to get my product out!”

— Christelle Pellecuer

Frances below says she had met snakes and crooks along the way when she first started her African fashion business AND she lost money and eventually had to close her business. NOW she has joined Fashion Africa Business (F.A.B) training because …in her words…

“...I wanted to get started again with a bit more STRUCTURE, A bit more thinking and a STORY behind my business.”

— Frances Ekiko, My Sister Made It

“The FAB course is a great introductory to anyone looking to get involved in sourcing consumer goods on the African continent. The course taught me what to expect when stepping into that industry. I'd recommend this course to anyone that is aspiring or ready to take a deep -dive into sourcing from the African continent.”

— Viola Labi, Canada

“NOW I am on the course I can see a tangible product – I can literally feel it! Positives are that you gain a lot of confidence you also begin to realise that it is not such a difficult journey, but it’s a journey that starts with you, you've got to take the steps to do it. It’s very good value and Jacqueline’s training is thorough. She knows her stuff!”

— Sonachi Hansson

“The 2016 edition of F.A.B. Workshops was Excellent! Good presentations and speakers, all well prepared and informative and open for questions after the courses. I'll definitely recommend the workshops to my friends.”

— 2016 F.A.B. online student.