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lets rebuild african communities by building african businesses

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Fashion Africa vault Membership

It is not about just WHO you know but about WHAT you know too!

This proves hugely important in the fashion industry and even more in Africa. To navigate the sourcing landscape of Africa’s fashion and textile industry you need to understand this industry, access the network, gain knowledge as well as have a community and partners.

One of the many challenges I hear creative entrepreneurs say when they enter Africa is that they are don’t know where to start. They need knowledge and RELIABLE support.

That is why I am inviting you access our training library the FASHION AFRICA VAULT.


Read what some members have to say about our trainings so far.

Hear what Joy had to say in her testimonial interview. Hit the image below to see how she has found being a part of the Fashion Africa Business Academy where we host all our trainings.



The FASHION AFRICA VAULT is AN exclusive and unique membership, A TRAINING LIBRARY

and YOU are invited to access it today!

Be a member at the ridiculously low fee of just £37/month (ongoing monthly subscription fee)


This is for you if:

  • you’re a creative and entrepreneur seeking to produce fashion products in Africa.
  • you desire to expand your African sourcing strategy and don’t know how.
  • you feel overwhelmed with where to produce in Africa and you feel lost in finding reliable partners to work with in Africa. 
  • you’ve already tried to start, but your endeavours never got past the “idea phase” because you lacked the steps and a strategy
  • you’re just learning about entering Africa and feel overwhelmed by all its 54 countries
  • you’re seeking insights and community support because of you are tired of going it alone
  • you’re concerned because you do not have any fashion experience, background or industry contacts

Sometimes, you wonder if it’s even possible for you!

This is not for you if:

  • you are content where you are at and do not wish to move your business forward.
  • you do NOT want to start a fashion business in Africa
  • you are not willing to invest financially into your business
  • you cannot commit to regular training support
  • you would rather take the recommendations of your family and friends over industry experts

You are content staying stuck!

In case we haven’t met yet… Hi, I’m Jacqueline …


My unique African journey started in 2009 when I embarked on a journey I would never have imagined. I travelled to to Ghana to explore my heritage from Africa to the Caribbean and I experienced a life and culture that simply hit home…I was literally home. I returned and began my Masters in Ethical Fashion now with a focus on Africa and I set up my own clothing label.
But this ended disastrously.
I got ripped off by my tailor who ran off with my patterns, trims and samples and I had the police involved.
WHY? because i never implemented my learnings during my career.
Because I never had the right connections.
Because I never had a business coach.
Because I took recommendations from a friend.
Because I worked with a 1-1 tailor by the roadside.
Since then i have developed a 6-step blueprint system that prevents such happening again and my clients use it today to export as much as 4000 pieces from Africa to their home country. This system is now open for you to use, to rinse and repeat so you can SOURCE, SAMPLE and SELL with ease!  
You are in the right place if you are a Designer, Brand or Creative Entrepreneur with a heart to IMPACT Africa and wish to build a sustainable fashion made in Africa business, but struggling with the HOW, the WHERE, the WHAT, your WHY and WHO with.

This is why I created the business academy and this training library.

The Fashion Africa Vault Membership is a unique club nothing else like it! One that believes in and follows our mantra of rebuilding African communities by building African businesses.

Nowhere else can you gain exclusive specific industry focused content brought to you in a vault style digital library to help you grow and build your fashion made in Africa business.

Created with results focused topics and themes designed to help you focus down and build your business in an enabling structured environment

With fun easy to follow structure based on the delivery of training sessions and implementation tools you will grow your business alongside a community of likeminded souls. You can expect

  • Industry Insider Insights presentations
  • Industry Experts
  • Exploratory Education series
  • Specific professional training from the experts
  • Student highlights to inspire from their Success Stories
  • Implementation Workbooks Tools and Cheatsheets
  • Doing Fashion Business in XX country insight guides
  • Finance calculators and so much more

We follow the theory of the 6 step A.F.R.I.C.A Roadmap with six key segments you can choose to dive into at your leisure. We refresh with new content monthly. So by taking this journey you can expect to start, build and grow a fashion business made in Africa ethically and responsibly. Just by following our roadmap built to take you from Sourcing to Sampling to Sales

Along side the Fashion Africa Vault Membership is PACKED with benefits. These include: 

  • Access to my VAST NETWORK of world class industry experts and business contacts, of whom I select to present their expert advice and insights into the business of African fashion.
  • Exclusive member only discounts on our immersive one of a kind sourcing trips to African countries (Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia)
  • discounted entry to our offline key annual event – Fashion Africa Conference (limited to first 50 sign ups)
  • Reduced insider investment to the popular F.A.B. our premium 12 month mastermind coaching program within our Fashion Africa Business Academy (F.A.B.A).
  • Reduced insider investment to the VIP premium program S.A.M – Source Africa Mastery 6 month 1-2-1 coaching program within our Fashion Africa Business Academy (F.A.B.A).
  • ON top of this you will receive regular resources, cheatsheets and tools that will help you in strategising your fashion made in Africa business with EASE
  • PLUS discounted access to the launch of theF.A.T.E (the Fashion Africa Trade Expo) our online sourcing platform!

Read what some more members have to say about the FABA trainings so far. 

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Though there are many problems you can be one BIG solution!

Be part of the new African narrative.

Join the revolution TODAY.

Be a member of FAV at the ridiculously low fee of just £37/month!

Register here: FASHION AFRICA VAULT Membership

Need a little more persuading? Hear what former client and student Tameka Peoples had to say about her journey and why joining FAV is key for your next step in business.


FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT : consultancy@africafashionguide.com


*Important notes*

The Fashion Africa Vault Membership is a monthly subscription membership with a monthly payment pay of 37GBP monthly.

Once you join you will activate an automatic subscription payment.

Though you are recommended to stay on the plan for at least a 12 months to go through the roadmap blueprint you are free to leave at any time.

To cancel your membership do contact consultancy@africafashionguide.com at least two weeks before your next month payment is due. If you fail to do this at this time then you will be charged for the following month.



Total of 6 “junctions” in the AFRICA ROADMAP and broken down simply.


The AFRICA ROADMAP Formula makes it simple so you know which sections to jump into for what you nee at at all times


A variety of different outlets for learning to mix it up whilst you study.


To make sure you stay accountable to the focus of the training vault.


For more accountability and extra learnings and trainings. Your chance to ask questions and stay on track.


Top level industry information so you have the right language and information to keep you professional in business.

PLUS, a ton of practical advice and guidance so you can go from feeling stressed out, frustrated and overwhelmed, to being an organised and over-achieving business owner getting awesome results fulfilling your African dream AND literally get started straight from this course!


If you’re a total newbie to the African design and sourcing, then don’t you worry chica, I have created this training program with you in mind!  

When you sign up you will ultimately have access to FASHION AFRICA VAULT training library which will teach you from beginner to intermediate levels – first it will walk you through the basics, then move into more advanced skills.

I am pretty sure you’re going to not only learn a TON, but have a ridiculously good time while doing it 😉

Can’t wait to see you GROW!!

Jacqueline Shaw Your African Fashion Business Coach

“…we have been stocked in 4 countries and have customers all over the world….it continues to make strides in the fashion world and it all started with F.A.B.Academy”



“…Jacqueline Shaw is a true inspiration to fashion entrepreneurs in and outside of Africa…Jacqueline has established herself as a wise guide with encyclopedic knowledge when it comes to the fashion industry.”



FAV. gives you what you need to build your fashion business in Africa.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a fashion background or any fashion experience..FAV will support and train you. FAV provides you with in-depth tutorials that I have put together based on my own 20 year fashion industry experience that will take away the stress of business.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the WHAT, the WHO, the WHERE or HOW in Africa.FAV will help you. My AFRICA Formula will literally guide you around the relevant aspects of the industry and equip you with skills from idea generation, validation through to execution

It doesn’t matter if you have never visited Africa. FAV  will equip you either way…. Many students have not visited Africa when they start our trainings but by the end they have a fully fledged made in Africa business I have done the hard work for you.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have existing contacts in Africa.FAV will inform you. By signing up to my training program you will gain the industry tools to know how and where to find professional contacts, what to look for and how to validate them.

The FAV training library of trainings will teach you ALL of the online and offline skills you will need to actively create and build your OWN Fashion business in Africa

Ready? Then Let’s do this!

Your African fashion business success and entrepreneurial freedom is just one click away.

Okay… jump here to get started.

“NOW I am on the course I can see a tangible product – I can literally feel it! Positives are that you gain a lot of confidence you also begin to realise that it is not such a difficult journey, but it’s a journey that starts with you, you've got to take the steps to do it. It’s very good value and Jacqueline’s training is thorough. She knows her stuff!”

— Sonachi Hansson


“...we have been stocked in 4 countries and have customers all over the world....it continues to make strides in the fashion world and it all started with F.A.B.Academy”

— Madonna Kendona, Raffia Atelier

“Doing the coaching with Jacqueline now and I've learnt so much in the last few months...been doubting myself but Jacqueline has always been there to encourage me to move forward and really grateful to her...can't wait to get my product out!”

— Christelle Pellecuer

Frances below says she had met snakes and crooks along the way when she first started her African fashion business AND she lost money and eventually had to close her business. NOW she has joined Fashion Africa Business (F.A.B.Academy) training because …in her words…

“...I wanted to get started again with a bit more STRUCTURE, A bit more thinking and a STORY behind my business.”

— Frances Ekiko, My Sister Made It

“The FAB course is a great introductory to anyone looking to get involved in sourcing consumer goods on the African continent. The course taught me what to expect when stepping into that industry. I'd recommend this course to anyone that is aspiring or ready to take a deep -dive into sourcing from the African continent.”

— Viola Labi, Canada

“NOW I am on the course I can see a tangible product – I can literally feel it! Positives are that you gain a lot of confidence you also begin to realise that it is not such a difficult journey, but it’s a journey that starts with you, you've got to take the steps to do it. It’s very good value and Jacqueline’s training is thorough. She knows her stuff!”

— Sonachi Hansson

“The 2016 edition of F.A.B. Workshops was Excellent! Good presentations and speakers, all well prepared and informative and open for questions after the courses. I'll definitely recommend the workshops to my friends.”

— 2016 F.A.B. online student.

FASHION AFRICA VAULT is the Only online training library and training to equip creative entrepreneurs to create and build an African fashion subscription business.

You will build in Africa an entity that creates IMPACT on the ground, that creates a LEGACY business and that creates MONEY!


Ready?  Okay, jump here to get you enrolled!


You’re ready for this.  This is the TODAY business model you have been seeking!


£37 ($55)


ongoing monthly membership

  • Instant access to 100+ lessons
  • Video sessions
  • Relevant business templates
  • Cheatsheets and workbooks
  • Exclusive Access to private facebook student community
  • Affordable monthly payments
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Q. How long will the program be?

A. It will last for ONGOING as this is a digital membership not a course

Q. What format is the training delivered in?

A. The course materials are shared as pre-recorded video lessons and step-by-step video tutorials by industry experts on the field. You’ll also receive worksheets, checklists, done for you PDF templates and more. As soon as you enrol, you’ll get instant access to all of the content. Also join a private Facebook group members of the membership will be.

Q. Where can I get the factories and wax-print fabrics from?

A. We have an online platform to be your fabric and supplier partner working with a variety of textile sources throughout africa. Not just wax-print. Sign up to our sourcing platform at www.fashionafricatradeexpo.com

Q. Will I get 121 support?

A. you’ll have access to our membership club which is self study

Q. Can I launch within 12 weeks?

A. Absolutely you can launch any time if you feel ready. The trainings will allow you to put the foundations and have a business ready to go in 6 months or even 12 weeks from now.

Q. Extra fees you will need to pay?

A. Aside from the membership fees, if you wish to join our sourcing agency there will be a monthly fee for that you will have your fabrics supplied through us to ease your set up for your business. On top of this you will need finance for your website, the logistics and email marketing, promotion and advertising costs too.

Q. I’ve done programs before, and never finish them or have success with them. Is this right for me?

A. Many would say you get out what you put in yet also many programs can cause overwhelm but with FAV it can be done at your own pace so there is no pressure. You also benefit by being in a private facebook support community to support you, so you will gan the support you need to overcome your hurdles, obstacles and smash that finish goal!

Q. How long will I have access to the content? Does the video content ever expire?

A. How does “forever” sound! You’ll have lifetime access to the content inside the training, plus all future updates.

Q. Will I get any personal support?

A. Being an online support it is available for you to access at your leisure at your own pace. It is a self study course. There is a live aspect through the bonus of a private facebook group to support your journey.

Q. What if I am a newbie in fashion. I'm worried because I don’t have any design skills or fashion experience – will this still work for me?

A. Then you are perfect for this! Seriously! We were all newbies at one point! You are at the perfect place to start because you will learn from the mistakes I made so you don’t have to make them yourself! This program can save you from doing things the wrong way… and knowing that can save you a ton of money and time in the long run! Seriously, this is the program I wish I had when I first started! FAV will equip you with the tools you need to set up your African fashion subscription business. What you need that is vital is a vision and a determination to launch your business and be a part of the changing narrative of the world perception of Africa. So if you’re willing to do the work, I can help you.

Q. What if I buy the program and then change my mind. Can I get my money back?

A. If you have just changed your mind then. No refunds will be given. You will absolutely get out what you put in so if you follow the exact steps that I show you, you absolutely WILL have created results within just 12 weeks! I only offer a money back guarantee if any part of the product or service sold is faulty.

Q. Do I have to complete the training within a certain time? Can I complete it later?

A. Great question! You do not need to complete the training within a certain time. We will of course be following a roadmap – the AFRICA Formula and you can go back and forth through the notes and recordings at your leisure. It’s fast paced but you are welcome to dive into the content whenever works best for you. Plus, you have lifetime access to the content so you can revisit it at anytime.

Q. Will this training work for me?

A. I wish I could tell you that without a doubt, FAV will work for you, but I can’t. There is no wand to wave or magic pill that will bring you business success. You absolutely get out what you put in and I have put in a lot to help you make it the rest is up to you.