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lets rebuild african communities by building african businesses

Become part of the FAMILY our exclusive business membership club for african fashion business owners!

the Fashion Africa Membership club

It is not about what you know but about WHO you know!

This proves hugely important in the fashion industry and even more in Africa. To navigate the sourcing landscape of Africa’s fashion and textile industry you need a network, a community and partners.

One of the many challenges I hear creative entrepreneurs say when they enter Africa is that they are doing it alone and don’t know where to start. They need people and RELIABLE support.

That is why I am inviting you to become part of the FAMILY.


Read what some members have to say about theFAMILY so far. 

Hear what Joy had to say in her testimonial interview. Hit the image below to see how she has found being a part of the FAMILY within the Fashion Africa Business Academy



The FAMily is my exclusive and unique membership club

and YOU are invited!

Be a member of the FAMILY at the ridiculously low fee of just £97/month (ongoing monthly subscription fee)

Register here: theFAMILY Membership Club

This is for you if:

  • you’re a creative and entrepreneur seeking to produce fashion products in Africa.
  • you desire to expand your African sourcing strategy and don’t know how.
  • you feel overwhelmed with where to produce in Africa and you feel lost in finding reliable partners to work with in Africa. 
  • you’ve already tried to start, but your endeavours never got past the “idea phase” because you lacked the steps and a strategy
  • you’re just learning about entering Africa and feel overwhelmed by all its 54 countries
  • you’re seeking insights and community support because of you are tired of going it alone
  • you’re concerned because you do not have any fashion experience, background or industry contacts

Sometimes, you wonder if it’s even possible for you!

This is not for you if:

  • you are content where you are at and do not wish to move your business forward.
  • you do NOT want to start a fashion business in Africa
  • you are not willing to invest financially into your business
  • you cannot commit to regular training support
  • you would rather take the recommendations of your family and friends over industry experts

You are content staying stuck!

In case we haven’t met yet… Hi, I’m Jacqueline …


My unique African journey started in 2009 when I embarked on a journey I would never have imagined. I travelled to to Ghana to explore my heritage from Africa to the Caribbean and I experienced a life and culture that simply hit home…I was literally home. I returned and began my Masters in Ethical Fashion now with a focus on Africa and I set up my own clothing label.
But this ended disastrously.
I got ripped off by my tailor who ran off with my patterns, trims and samples and I had the police involved.
WHY? because i never implemented my learnings during my career.
Because I never had the right connections.
Because I never had a business coach.

Because I took recommendations from a friend.

Because I worked with a 1-1 tailor by the roadside.
Since then i have developed a 6-step blueprint system that prevents such happening again and my clients use it today to export as much as 4000 pieces from Africa to their home country. This system is now open for you to use, to rinse and repeat so you can SOURCE, SAMPLE and SELL with ease!  
You are in the right place if you are a Designer, Brand or Creative Entrepreneur with a heart to IMPACT Africa and wish to build a sustainable fashion made in Africa business, but struggling with the HOW, the WHERE, the WHAT, your WHY and WHO with.

This is why I created…The F.A.MILY 

The Fashion Africa Membership club is a unique club nothing else like it! One that believes in and follows our mantra of rebuilding African communities by building African businesses.

Nowhere else can you gain exclusive specific industry focused content brought to you weekly to help you grow and build your fashion made in Africa business.

Created with results focused monthly themes designed to help you focus down and build your business in an enabling structured environment

With fun easy to follow monthly structure based on the delivery of 3 live sessions and 1 implementation week you will grow your business amongst a community of likeminded souls.

  • Week 1 = F.A.M. Industry Insider Insights presentation with Jacqueline Shaw 
  • Week 2 = F.A.M Industry Experts Exploratory Education series delivering specific professional training from the experts!
  • Week 3 = F.A.M. Q&A sessions with Jacqueline Shaw and Student highlights Share your Success Stories!
  • Week 4 = Implementation Week bringing you Industry Insights Workbooks Tools and Cheatsheets including Doing Fashion Business in XX country.

We follow the theory of the 6 step A.F.R.I.C.A Roadmap over 6 months with one theme a month. We do this refreshing new content every 6 months and by taking this journey you can expect to start, build and grow a fashion business made in Africa ethically and responsibly. Just by following our roadmap built to take you from Sourcing to Sampling to Sales

Along side this The F.A.M – the Fashion Africa Membership the Mastermind Club is PACKED with benefits!

These include: 

  • Access to my VAST NETWORK of world class industry experts and business contacts, of whom I select one each month to present their expert advice and insights into the business of African fashion and answer your key questions in a live online coaching session for members only.
  • Exclusive member only discounts on our immersive one of a kind sourcing trips to African countries (Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia)
  • Free entry to our offline key annual event – Fashion Africa Conference (limited to first 25 sign ups)
  • Discounted ACCESS to the newly launched online course SPARK – our signature program in our Fashion Africa Business Academy (FABA)
  • Reduced insider investment to the popular F.A.B. our premium 12 week coaching program within our Fashion Africa Business Academy (F.A.B.A).
  • Reduced insider investment to the VIP premium program S.A.M – Source Africa Mastery 6 month coaching program within our Fashion Africa Business Academy (F.A.B.A).
  • Direct access to myself via the private Facebook group for up to date industry updates and advice
  • ON top of this you will receive regular resources, cheatsheets and tools that will help you in strategising your fashion made in Africa business with EASE
  • PLUS discounted access to the launch of theF.A.T.E (the Fashion Africa Trade Expo) my new online sourcing platform!


Read what some more members have to say about the FAMILY so far. 


Sign up now to be A MEMBER – and part of our FAMILY!

Though there are many problems you can be one BIG solution!

Be part of the new African narrative.

Join the revolution TODAY.

Be a member of theFAMILY at the ridiculously low fee of just £97/month!

Register here: theFAMILY Membership Club

Need a little more persuading? Hear what former client and student Tameka Peoples had to say about her journey and why joining theFAMILY is key for your next step in business.


FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT : consultancy@africafashionguide.com


*Important notes*

The Fashion Africa Membership club is a monthly subscription membership club with a monthly payment play of 97GBP monthly.

Once you join you will activate an automatic subscription payment.

Though you are recommended to stay on the plan for at least six months to go through our 6 month themed roadmap blueprint you are free to leave at any time.

To cancel your membership do contact consultancy@africafashionguide.com at least two weeks before your next month payment is due. If you fail to do this at this time then you will be charged for the following month.